Sunday, December 28, 2008

Honey you are an APPLE!

I would like to take a moment to thank the lovely young man in H&M on chestnut st. in Center City Philadelphia. I thank you for taking the time to make it clear to me that I am not fit for all fashions but I am only fit for those meant to flatter the Apple shaped young ladies of which their aren't many.
Thank you for taking the time out from trying on your size 8 plaid shirt with bedazzled studs on the lapels to take from me the brief moment of serenity shopping can give after a long day .

Thank you forever will I remember that my rotund waistline is that of an apple resemblence and that apples needn't be preoccupied with trends , but should be spending my time looking for the blacks and the dark colored camoflauge wonders offered in the plus size sections of most department store.

I will forever think shrouds first and fashion later.

Thank You oh lovely gentleman in the H&M on Chestnut st in Center City Philadelphia.