Friday, February 26, 2010


It's Snowing again...

Foodie Finds (not really but yea sometimes on a budget...)
Your girl enjoyed some great fresh "live not raw food" last night. The recipe courtesy of the yabbapot lady....I don't know her name but I subscribed to her channel on the ole youtubeski and found some yummy lovely recipes that may help me on my road to a cleaner eating lifestyle change. Royal seaweed salad. The salad was just divine!

I happened to have some of the ingredients in the pantry. What an amazing taste the flavors are complex but compliment one another very well. I bought a small container of sesame seed oil to flavor and what a treat it turned out to be.

Thank you YABBA!

Weather appreciation

Thanks to the snowstorm , I got to hang with a great college friend for the evening we caught up laughed alot and talked about weight and how we both want healthy happy lifestyles. GRRRREEEEAAAATT partners in change. And the best part is I noticed that I'm not as negative about my weight as I used to be (ahhhhhmazing).

Weekend plans


Monday, February 22, 2010

25th Bday Weight loss challenge. Lose 80 lbs by June 4th 2010

Goal is a healthy BMI of 23.2 can be a little less but certainly not more.
If I can maintain optimal health for the rest of my life barring any genetic maladies I can't myself detect, then I will be content and at peace with meee.

Health is Wealth and I won't be a statistic . No thank you Mr. Diabetes, take a hike Hypertension I'll pass. I will be healthy I will be the best me I can be at the very least I'm not wasting valuable shoe shopping dollars on meds for ailments I can prevent. No no i'm not forcing myself to be thin for pictures, weddings, blah blah blah . This is my gift to me . I most certainly must be in the best shape for me and prayerfully for my family I will be blessed with. (see post on vision board coming up soon)
Yes it all begins today with a liquid cleanse.

24 Hollywood juice diet time to cleanse some toxins and get the ol stomachayyyy prepared for a new routine .

I would love to start dancing again but I need to work my way up to the rigors of the advanced dance class after building some stamina and shedding some belly fat.

Okay so it's 10:42am -not feeling bad at all juice is pretty tasty and I'm sure I'll make it through the day with very minor difficulties. (keeping my fingers crossed).

I got this.!
Weight Progress:
Weight today:215lbs.
Goal weight : 135lbs.
Current BMI: 36.9
Goal BMI : 23.2

I plugged in my specific info into this websites: http://
handy BMI tracker and came up with my figures .

Friday, February 19, 2010

Taking the bull by the horns ....

I am so excited about this newfound sense of focuseI've been having for the past two weeks. Prayers being answered . Feeling reenergized and ready for the world.

I am writing this blogpost for accountability reasons and as a venting platform. I am a college graduate working at a JOB (Just Over Broke) and I won't let myself slip further into complacency. There is so much to be done. Elections to volunteer on . I have a zillion ideas floating around this brain and someone is going to listen. Okay they may not want to listen but, I will be sure to share anyway.

Today's agenda.
I. Revamp the blog(s)
II. Photograph seven subjects before the nights end.
III. Network at the wine and cheese this saturday (arghhhhh freakin outtt ..must find good topic of convo helpp!!!!!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Faith test........initiated lol


I'm not really sure who to be angry with. Probably myself and perhaps my massah's a little too. But the reality is i'm just consumed with a burning rage at this very point in time. Like a physical heat lol I think I may be sweating there goes my press. ... darn!

But yea so there's this heat of anxiety lighting my heart and limbs ablaze and I hope it calms itself soon. I'm wearing slate gray and we know how much of an armpit stain can be left when perspiration decides to cascade down at the most inopportune time.

Ah this place!!!!!! lol Its a long running PUNK'd episode and I can't seem to get Mr. Kutcher to come out and suprise me. COME ONNN it's almost not funny anymore.

arghhhyyyy write up write write up why don't we write the no smoking sign in an office space, . across your forhead. Or perhaps confidentiality with asterisks across there too. Or even better no you cannot tell the CFO to get the hell out of your office. AHHHHHHH maybe we can define hostile for the massah's as well. lol now my stomach is churning with disgust I may just hurl.

Worst part is I was sooooo looking forward to my Subway sandwich and nowww no appetite. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT.