Monday, September 28, 2009

The sash has arrived !!!!!!!!

Its official ladies and gents. This morning on me speedy deparature from the house I whizzed past the mail box grabbed my pile of correspondence and jumped in a dollar cab.. Wiping the glisten from my brow I hurriedly flipped through the envelopes and ciruculars to embrace a yellow padded envelope beautifully addressed Ms. Alicia from Essence Paegents . ( screams!!!) Yippee skippee. I ripped off the top of the envelope to reveal my beautiful blue silver and white. whooo hoooo onward to the hard work.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Apartment Hunting in Brooklyn New York

Now back to the drawing board. ......

What a waste of money you all are . In January of this year (2009) I decided to rent out a family home /my childhood home. After a series of interviews and a bout with a not so suprising untruthful realtor. The home was fully occupied , relatives on one floor tenant/roommates on the other. Awesome deal done whooo!

Premature celebratory mood.

My Buffalo sous-sol happened to decide that everything under the sun would irk it and have it in the most terrible of moods. Which I could live with some people can be moody and miserable who cares pay your rent and I'd be fine. But of course it didn't. Buffalo decides to pay what it can when it wants and also demand repairs . lol ? BUFFALO can we say LEAVE.

On to the relatives ....So you're just going to live here and not pay rent and theeeen as if thats not insulting also have public Ali vs. Fraiser fights in the front yard. aaaaaad SCENE you need to leave too.

lASTLY , ilk smelling tenant please clean and febreeze your iiiillllk.

But now that all the antics have played themselves out the decision is to part ways with the circus and now to battle the exponentially insane rent prices and brokers fees to live in a rat trap and or toilet.

Why is everyone posting apartments on via Brokers . Brokers don't save you time and have no obligation to assist you after they put tenants in your home. So don't waste your time with them. And as a renter seeking a house you pay them at least a months rent for crap you would be able to find on your own had they not blocked acccess to that info.