Wednesday, July 15, 2009

In search of a new group of gal pals!!!

In a weird space lately. Moved back to Brooklyn NY in January this year and I have found it exceedingly difficult to find any gal pals to run the city with. :( No I am not close to my H.S friends as for whatever reason we all fell apart not that we'd been extra close to begin with. And of course I've only had co-workers who are so disgusted with their jobs that anything that reminds them about work after the obligatory 9 to 5 hours causes havoc on their psyches and they must retreat .

So its me and the shih tzu together as usual. Hanging out and walking around . I socialize with people I meet but I guess its rather tres taboo to exchange numbers with a female peer you aren't trying to come on to. ....Hmmmm

What's a gyal to do?

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