Thursday, July 23, 2009

Transitioning from Relaxed to Natural

It has been three months since my last relaxer and I haven't a clue how to manage my hair without blowing it straight or curling up with a hot iron or flat iron.

I have however come across a wonderful cholesterol conditioner Tea tree cholesterol from organics it boasts the versatility of being a traditional conditioner as well as a leave -in if you only use a quarter sized dollop after washing the hair . I washed last night with the intentions of trying a Bantu Knot style but it was 1am lol and I decided to put a little olive oil hair polisher lightly through the damp hair finish writing a paper and went to bed once the two textured mane had finally air dried. My hair feels alot better after this deep conditioning session but wise I had to go with pulling it back loosely and throwing on a cute brown head band.

Hair health and feel ..... score of 10
Aesthetic beauty after air dry lol ...... not so much .

After work i'll go work out... spritz with a little infusium and water to liven it all up again detangle and Bantu knot ...for real this time.

we shall see.

Taking that Hair Journey - this morning stubbed toe on Demarcation line.

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