Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New York City Off-Track Betting Corporation Shut Down/Employees lose Income to bring in the New Year

On December 8, 2010 New York State Senators were charged with the responsiblity of passing legislation that would keep New York City Off Track Betting open for business generating upwards of 1 million dollars in handle ( profit) to be designated to state entities, help to cushion the NYS budget deficit.

The larger part of this story as , much like any news involving removing a business entity that employees nearly 1,000 employees is the fact that workers have been displaced, with very little in the way of support to transition into the job market.

As unfortunate as this has been I intend to be in contact with the political leadership responsible for this major FAIL!!!! and I certainly will find out how their respective offices plan to support their constitutents through this transisiton to job hunting.

For former Employees of NYCOTB/(anyone looking for job) Below are the links to few websites that may assist you in this process.

Job Resources

New York State Department of Labor Unemployment Claims Link-File for Unemployment Immediately

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