Sunday, September 26, 2010

Not so lazy Sunday Rant

So today is launch day . I have decided to make all efforts to get my business cards templated, color schemes narrowed down and make the necessary steps to implement a five step plan to launching one of my business ventures for the fall of 2010.

It seems that I have been chosen as the go to gal for random bits of information. I've been known to help with those close friends and family members who need a bit of help organizing some personal errands that often require extra time. Small household filing projects, to finding out information about grants bunch of stuff..... So sometimes I get a bit of a thank you fee and I realized why not let people know that I can and will help them with their projects. Let me assist you with yo situationsss!!!! lol So personal concierge services launching next Monday web page soon to be up and running. EXCITED!!!!!

Follow me on twitter : @Bella_Concierge serving the Brooklyn, NY area.

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