Friday, February 19, 2010

Taking the bull by the horns ....

I am so excited about this newfound sense of focuseI've been having for the past two weeks. Prayers being answered . Feeling reenergized and ready for the world.

I am writing this blogpost for accountability reasons and as a venting platform. I am a college graduate working at a JOB (Just Over Broke) and I won't let myself slip further into complacency. There is so much to be done. Elections to volunteer on . I have a zillion ideas floating around this brain and someone is going to listen. Okay they may not want to listen but, I will be sure to share anyway.

Today's agenda.
I. Revamp the blog(s)
II. Photograph seven subjects before the nights end.
III. Network at the wine and cheese this saturday (arghhhhh freakin outtt ..must find good topic of convo helpp!!!!!!

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