Monday, February 22, 2010

25th Bday Weight loss challenge. Lose 80 lbs by June 4th 2010

Goal is a healthy BMI of 23.2 can be a little less but certainly not more.
If I can maintain optimal health for the rest of my life barring any genetic maladies I can't myself detect, then I will be content and at peace with meee.

Health is Wealth and I won't be a statistic . No thank you Mr. Diabetes, take a hike Hypertension I'll pass. I will be healthy I will be the best me I can be at the very least I'm not wasting valuable shoe shopping dollars on meds for ailments I can prevent. No no i'm not forcing myself to be thin for pictures, weddings, blah blah blah . This is my gift to me . I most certainly must be in the best shape for me and prayerfully for my family I will be blessed with. (see post on vision board coming up soon)
Yes it all begins today with a liquid cleanse.

24 Hollywood juice diet time to cleanse some toxins and get the ol stomachayyyy prepared for a new routine .

I would love to start dancing again but I need to work my way up to the rigors of the advanced dance class after building some stamina and shedding some belly fat.

Okay so it's 10:42am -not feeling bad at all juice is pretty tasty and I'm sure I'll make it through the day with very minor difficulties. (keeping my fingers crossed).

I got this.!
Weight Progress:
Weight today:215lbs.
Goal weight : 135lbs.
Current BMI: 36.9
Goal BMI : 23.2

I plugged in my specific info into this websites: http://
handy BMI tracker and came up with my figures .

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